Gerard Pique (Shakira) Sex Tape Rumour True

Shakira Hot Information - Gerard Pique (Shakira) Sex Tape Rumour True. This story provided for informational purposes only from Gerard Pique Shakira about Sex Tape video celebrities scandal. Gerard Pique & Shakira: Sex Tape Blackmail Victims? or Rumors Swirl of an Alleged Shakira & Pique Sex Tape. See detail news about Sex Tape video celebrities scandal story at here Shakira Hot Information - Gerard Pique (Shakira) Sex Tape Rumour True.

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Gerard Pique & Shakira: Sex Tape Blackmail Victims?
If rumours are to be believed, an explicit video of the Colombian pop singer “performing” lullabies on her Barcelona man exists. According to TV Notas, a former employee of Shakira’s did the filming duties for the couple, and if Pique’s woman doesn’t pay up for this person to shut up, the video will be released.

And then a choir of angels will sing. Just kidding. Only we will sing. If the video indeed exists, which Shakira’s people have supposedly questioned, it could be potentially damaging to both of their careers. But who cares. This is a video we want to see, one that we’ll pay good money for in order to avoid Shakira paying good money for it to go away.

Rumors Swirl of an Alleged Shakira & Pique Sex Tape
Are Shakira and Piqué the new Kim Kardashian and Ray J? Rumors are swirling that there is a sex tape of the lovebirds getting down and dirty. According to TV Notas, one of Shakira’s employees is blackmailing the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer. Allegedly, if she doesn’t pay up the large sum requested, the video will be released.

Shakira Shows Some Love to Boyfriend Piqué. The gossip site says that supposedly the employee taped Shakira giving Piqué oral sex. There have been allegations in the past that “She Wolf” Shakira also made a sex tape with her former boyfriend of 11 years, Antonio de la Rúa. Rumors of a sex tape with Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, with whom she recorded her hit single “La tortura,” also surfaced, but images of the video were never seen.

Shakira Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Shakira and Piqué began dating a few months after collaborating in the filming of the music video for her South Africa World Cup theme song “Waka Waka” (This Time for Africa.) Soon after, there were reports that the two were an item, despite the fact that each had a significant other at the time.

Rumors that the two had split spread online in October, but Shakira’s team denied the allegations. Rodrigo Beltrán, Shakira’s press manager in Colombia, said the rumor about the alleged breakup is “completely false.”

Shakira and Piqué Join Forces to Help the Community
“They are still together and are very well.” Beltrán says he wanted to clear up the rumor, which had spread in various news outlets throughout Europe, Latin America and social networks. Shakira tried to quash the rumors by sending Piqué a kiss via her Twitter account. “Good luck to the Spanish national side and to my number 3, muah @3gerardpique. Shak.” Rumors also cropped up that Piqué had been unfaithful to Shakira with another woman. By Alexandra Gratereaux

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