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About Shakira Hot Information and DISCLAIMER This blog does not collect any information that will reveal one's identity when he/she visits the site/blog. The stories posted may be truth, or pure rumor, gossip, speculation.

Take them serious at your own risk. Comments made by the visitors do not reflect those of ours. Many informations, pictures, videos used on the blog, were collected online, in other words, they are readily available on various blogs, forums or photo/video-sharing websites.

The information/images/videos copyright, unless otherwise noted, is reserved for the person/photo/video agent who wrote/photographed/shooted, created or released them. If your copyrighted written/pictures/videos appear on the blog and don't want them to be kept here any longer, kindly please drop a remind in the comments section of the corresponding entry.

We will delete them without any condition as soon as possible. Many Thanks!

Enjoy with us

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